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The Green Lion Infinite watch provides access to notifications at a turn of the wrist. With its apps, email, messaging and calls are within reach, even when you’re not near your phone. The Green Lion Infinite smartwatch is a feature-rich wearable device that combines style, functionality and health monitoring features. With a staggering 290mAh battery capacity, this smartwatch will keep you connected and powered throughout the day. Stay connected with calls and social notifications right on your wrist. Get notified for incoming calls, text messages, and social media updates so you never miss an important message or notification, even when you’re not near your phone. The HD touchscreen on the Green Lion Infinite smartwatch offers a crisp and intuitive user interface. The 1.32-inch display makes it easy to navigate menus, access various functions, and view information clearly and easily.

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TZS 150,000.00

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